Sojourner Collection





Narrative Made features heritage handmade crafts and naturally dyed materials from around Asia with a mission to preserve heritage crafts and produce clothing that empowers the marginalised artisans and their communities.

Sojourner is a collection that appreciates the sojourners of our world, in collaboration with Indonesian brand SukkhaCitta. Today where division strives, we call for kindness. We call for the embrace of differences and diversity - the sojourners, the ones from a different culture and background, the ones with a different habit, a different language, diet, or prayer routine.

Inspired by the generous posture of harvesters instead of picking up dropped grains they leave it for the poor and the foreigners living among them, it voices the idea that abundance should be shared.

The collection features natural indigo dye and hand-drawn batik from the hilly mountain village of Jlamprang in Central Java of Indonesia. Its profit goes towards funding the building of a new workshop in the village.