Pay-it-forward November 


Where did Narrative Made come from?

Here is the story from founder Sharon de Lyster. 


About 18 months ago, I had the chance to talk to a successful businessman about my idea of building a sustainable fashion brand - a brand with a mission to preserve heritage craft and provide income for marginalised communities, communities who had not that much resources and not that much choices in life. 

The businessman said, “Yes. I was given the opportunity to be an entrepreneur, I believe everyone deserves an chance to start something new and make a difference. Go take this money and do what you just said.” So he believed in me and he paid it forward - for me to have the opportunity to do something I couldn’t do otherwise. So that came the birth of NM, and with the help I received I am truly grateful. 

I journeyed on and reflected on the heart behind NM and how it has impacted me and the people I worked with, I couldn't help but think that the wise thing and the right thing is to multiply. So NM has started to link up artisans with other brands and buyers, and has also started to build a network rather than a brand. 

Then I started questioning how can I pay it forward for someone else, and allow others to do the same too? 

Therefore throughout the month of November, Narrative Made is running a Pay-it-forward game! With every item sold across all platforms and stores, ALL PROFITS will go to HOPE International, one of my favourite organisations that has mastered the idea of believing in an individual and paying it forward for the person. 

HOPE international offers micro-finance opportunities that help people save for the future (for example empowering parents to pay for their children's school fees), and invest in businesses.

So as you are doing thanksgiving and Christmas shopping for your loved ones, know that

1) NM items carry stories of the makers and their cultural heritage, and

2) it is an invitation to you to join a community of people seeking to impact the world for good. 

Like how Peter Greer, President and CEO of Hope International, puts it: “It gives new meaning to being generous in our daily decisions.”

Think about the people who have paid it forward for you in your life, maybe it’s time to show love and give a whole new meaning to your gifts this Christmas.